Patients apply as a thin layer,

twice daily to affected skin on up to 20% BSA (no more than 60 g per week)

Directly applied on mild to moderate AD lesions,

including in sensitive skin areas

OPZELURA is a cream that is available in a 60-g tube and should be applied twice daily (BID).
For illustrative purposes only.

For topical use only. Not for ophthalmic, oral, or intravaginal use. Stop using when signs and symptoms (eg, itch, rash, and redness) of AD resolve. If signs and symptoms do not improve within 8 weeks, patients should be reexamined by their healthcare provider.

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AD=atopic dermatitis; BID=twice daily; BSA=body surface area.

Reference: 1. Opzelura. Prescribing Information. Incyte Corporation; 2021.